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If you are talking big play receivers in Colorado at the high school level, you have to put Owen Mellish name near the top because he contributed to plenty of explosive yardage at Monarch, which is just outside of Boulder where Deion Sanders (University of Colorado) is coaching. Owen is a known hard worker with great leadership and he is a self starter.

What stands out is his ability to separate from defenders on routes and his ball tracking skills. He has the speed to take short yardage pass plays for sixty yards or more. Mellish shows unselfishness in the run game, blocking whoever needs to be moved for his teams success. 

He holds a few Division I offers and at least one Division II offer. He has major interest from some other programs so we will follow the next few months before signing day to learn what happens on his path to college football.

We had a chance to catch up with Owen and discuss a few questions that were on our minds here at Athlete Strategy:


How's did your season go?


Our season starts off great we started 4-0 and then we were met with some key injuries on the team but overall we made our second straight playoffs so it was a solid season   

What's your strengths on the field?

My strengths on the field are my speed and route running, they help me get off the ball and accelerate past the db and get into open space.


What impact are you looking to make in college?


I would like to have a great impact on whatever team I play for in college, I'd like to play as a freshman and be a factor in the teams success.


What college interest do you have?

I have 3 college offers from Dartmouth, Bucknell, and Colorado school of mines. 

What do you want college coaches to know about you?


I want college coaches to know that I am committed to getting better and helping my team in any way I can, I'm smart on and off the field and I feel I can help any program that takes a chance on me.

Whats your plans for the off season?


My plans for the off season are to perfect my game as much as I can, getting in the weight room, working on footwork and speed and agility and raising my iq of the game of football. 7. My high school coaches and teammates will remember me as a leader and a helper, along with a great player that helped shift a program into a playoff caliber team along with our new coaching staff and the other teammates in my class.

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