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The guy that can be a nightmare for high school offenses is a student at Legend High School, wears number 5 on his jersey and goes by the name Nathan Sandy.  We were able to have a talk with him before the first round of the playoffs and hear more about his mentality this season.

How's your season going?


This season is going great! I have learned a ton this year, which has developed me into the player I am right now. It has also led me to find what my strengths are on the field.

What do you feel are your strengths on the field?

I think my strengths are my reads, my strength, my game speed, my down hill run attack, and my ability to cover as well.

What impact are you looking to make in college?

I’m looking to make a championship level impact. I want to bring a level of competitiveness that no one has ever seen before. I want to bring a hunger to a team, a hunger that is unbeatable.

What do you want college coaches to know about you?

I want coaches to know that I’m a dependable guy that will work his butt off and give everything he’s got every rep, and every play. I want coaches to be able to count on me when we face adversity.

What's your plans for the off season?

I plan on wresting this year, so that I can keep up not only physical strength, but mental as well. I have wrestled every year that I have been I high school, and it has done nothing but made me more athletic, more disciplined, and more gritty.

Our Thoughts

Watching Nathan in action the last few games was special. He has a motor that is unmatched by his opponents. He brings toughness into each game. Legend advanced to the third round of the Colorado high school state playoffs after beating a very good Valor team so you can check him out against Columbine this Friday November 18th. We are excited to see him at the college level

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