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The seasons going amazing! I believe our commitment to each other as teammates has produced high team chemistry and solid wins. It’s about us and I put the best performance out on the field for the team. Whatever position I am put in to play, I do my job to the best of my ability.


My strengths on the field are mainly running the ball and playing coverage from the nickel position. Though this year I have been working to improve my blocking, catching, route running and tackling.


As a college player I want to climb my way up the ranks to become a starter and put whatever team I’m on in the best position possible to win, playing whatever position they need me in most.


I attended several camps this off season, and enjoyed all schools I attended. I have always loved the university of Michigan and hope to attend a camp their this off season. I also enjoyed Kansas States camp and have been getting looked at them recently. Other schools like CU and North Carolina as well as Northern Colorado have all peaked my interest as well.

I want college teams to know that I’m a team player at heart and leave it all out on the field doing whatever my coaches ask of me. Whether it’s running, catching, blocking, tackling, or covering I will put my head down and do my job.

My off-season plans are to attend as many camps as I can to get my name out there. Visit as many schools as possible, and work my tail off to be in the best possible place physically and mentally to lead my team to many wins in the upcoming season.

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