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Deep Safety: Coverage On Top

What does it mean to be a deep safety. We usually refer to the free safety as the deep safety but depending on the scheme, the strong side safety can play the deep post (middle) as well. As a free or deep safety you must always save the big play even though you are placed in some tough situations. You will have to save the the running and passing touchdowns from happening all by yourself. Are you going to be prepared to do so?

Lets discuss coverage. Most of the time, the quarterbacks and are reading the deep safety pre snap to determine the possible coverage so you will need to be great with your disguise. Always remember that you do not sacrifice the coverage for any disguise. You must be able you get to the position on the field that you need to cover and in this case, the middle of the field. 

You must understand what you are looking at before the ball is snapped. Those things include down and distance, the field/boundary, formation (trip, pro, trey, etc), Personnel (21, 12, 11 etc.) The area of the field (red zone, backed up, goal-line, 40 &in, etc).  These things will give you and idea of the ways you should play the offense on the down. 

Another skill that needs to be developed is the ability to read the quarterback. Do you know the QB drops? He can drop quick, 3 step, 5 step or 7 step. Do you understand boot, roll out and sprint out? Understand the the drops usually determines the level of the routes he wants to target. Study the QB shoulders. Are they pointed right, left or centered? Upon release is his shoulders high or leveled? 

Teach yourself how to break on the quarterback release which takes patience and effort. Like the video above, the middle safety moves in the direction of the QB eyes. We prefer you weave over turning your hip/shoulders to cross over run. Whe the quarterback has two hands on the ball, he cant release a pass so stay patient. You only break when he has one hand on the ball with a throwing motion. Then and only then you can break with the right angle.

What about cancelling threats? Do you know what that means? We will discuss that subject in other sections in major detail so keep following alone. Also, share with us some of the things you would like for us to discuss for your improvement at the position. 

Hope we have been a major help as your journey to become the best player you can is in progress. Thank you for participating and please share with your friends and teammates.

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