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Check out this play from the Longmont game. We asked CT to give us to explain his pre and post snap reads on this play.

CT: On this play, we called for seams and pre snap I noticed that the middle of the field was open. I also noticed the safety creeping into the box which made me feel confident that the pass play was a great call.

Post snap, I saw the deep safety move towards the middle of the field and the drop down safety worked to the flat giving the cover 3 look. As soon as my guy gets beat the linebacker, I delivered the ball. The seams are the weakness in that coverage so all I had to do is make the great throw.

CT Worley Graphic.png
CT Graphic.png

Excited about this play because of the ball placement on the outside deep throw. CT walks us through this play.

CT: We call it a bench concept at Broomfield HS, which means that the outside receiver completes the hitch and the slot receiver runs the corner in the routes. Pre snap, looks like the defender had a man coverage alignment and we knew that going into the game. I also saw the alignment of the slot defender which was inside leverage so I really anticipated throwing the corner route.

Post snap, I recognized the cornerback snapping down on the hitch which gave me the opportunity to put the ball on the deep sideline for my receiver and he makes the catch.

CT Graphic 2.png

CT: The play below, coach wanted to get some outside throw on this team because they played a quarter man coverage leaving the flats unattended. Pre snap, I recognized the deep safety who was off about eight yards and the linebacker lined up inside leverage.

Post snap, I saw the linebacker drop straight back and the safety still pretty deep so my slot receiver was open. I didnt throw is right a way because I had the defensive end getting pressure but was able to roll to my left and find a lane to deliver the pass

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