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Athlete Strategy Basketball Training is a Colorado program built to help the individual become elite in the sport. The program is for the  Premier and Non-Premier players of all ages and skills in the Colorado areas. We have goals to develop both boys and girls with different confidence levels and experience.

Athletes can work with our skilled trainers such as Program Director Maximo Medina, Strength and Conditioning Specialist Roderick Rogers, highly qualified Colorado specialist.

We want the players to enjoy the work! We work to share our passion for the game. The staff prioritizes some core skills. These areas are:


Contested Shots


Defending Your Position

Spacing Moving Without Ball

Third, we take a teaching approach in our Colorado basketball training program. Explanation plus demonstration is the method for our workouts. Lessons include detailed breakdowns because we want hear it, see it, understand the reasons why so that the player can do it. Our training puts the athlete in position to succeed.


4990 Nome St, Denver CO 


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